copper censer on a brass stand

A decorative but also useful jeweled censer with swirled pierced designs connecting the jewels suspended on a brass hook. A fragrant candle burned inside would light the jewels and the pierced holes would allow the fragrance to escape. A wonderful belle epoch item with a contemporary application.

Price: $$1150.

huntley and palmer book tin

Early 20th century lithographed tin biscuit box by Huntley and Palmer. Shaped as a stack of English books with a…

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pair tole` tea cans

Good large 19th century tole` tea cans with lids. Painted  scenes in oval medallions on the fronts titled in paint…

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large english brass footman

Big, bold, heavy 19th century English footman with acorn finials at each top corner and heart cut outs on the…

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english brass footman

A good heavy 19th century English brass footman with an openwork sentiment across the front apron. The handles make this…

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brass footman

Sturdy, heavy brass footman with bulbous front legs. This 19th century English accessory is the perfect item for use next…

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ship diorama

19th century 3-masted ship in an interesting presentation. The box was carefully constructed to really showcase the boat, including the…

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bronze bust of Homer

Larger than life, heavy bronze bust of Homer. Although apparently unsigned, this is a well-detailed rendering. It rests on a…

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antique marble pedestal

Turn of the last century pedestal of deep green marble with creamy white veins throughout. This statuary stand has a…

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Inlaid trinket box

19th century 8-sided trinket box with exotic wood inlay in a geometric design on each side and the top. Large…

Price: $595.

Animal skin covered box

19th century long box with rounded top. Chinoiserie decoration in gold on the front and sides. Hand stitched smooth brown…

~ Sold ~

Eglomise` game board

A whimsical, decorative but useful reverse painted game board in it’s original frame. Great colors, with date medallions (1895) and…

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Smaller Commercial Tea Bin

Smaller commercial tea bin “O.G.Java teas, coffees & spices.” Fully marked with address of the retailer(?) and the maker, “….can…

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Tole Spice Bins

2 paint decorated 19th century tole spice bins in good original condition.

~ Sold ~